On 26 April 2008 the Krikri/ Zaoem festival takes place at Minardschouwburg, Ghent, Belgium. Featured artists are the poets/ performers Angela Rawlings (Canada), Eduard Escoffet (Spain), Leevi Lehto (Finland), Ghalia Benali (Tunesia), and Rozalie Hirs (The Netherlands). Festival curators are Maja Jantar, Jelle Meander and Helen White. As part of the evening programme Rozalie Hirs performs her music compositions, based on own texts, Aan de zon, de wereld (2006), In LA (2003), and Van het wonder is woord (2005). In addition, she presents the world premiere of Poetry pieces I-II (2008).

Date: 2008-04-26
Time: 20:00
Location: Krikri/ Zaoem Polypoetry Festival, Minardschouwburg, Walpoortstraat 15, Ghent, Belgium
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