Rozalie Hirs and Stevko Busch during WortMusik/Pianolab at the Goethe Institut, Amsterdam, on April 5, 2009, during the world premiere of 'Gekromde ruimte' by Rozalie Hirs (videostill)

On April 5, 2009, the event WortMusik takes place: a portrait concert of Rozalie Hirs featuring the artist, on the invitation of curator and pianist Stevko Busch, Gallery of Tones. During WortMusik the musical compositions Curved space/ Gekromde ruimte (2009), Poetry pieces I-III (2008) and Aan de zon de wereld (2006) by Rozalie Hirs are performed at the Goethe Institut, Amsterdam. The performance of Curved space/ Gekromde ruimte is a world premiere.

You can watch a compilation of clips from the concert on the YouTube link, below, and you can read all the poems here.