On 24 September 2010 the Egmont Quartet, consisting of players from the Concertgebouw Orchestra, performs the string quartet Zenit [east] [west] (2010) by Rozalie Hirs. The concert is part of the Festival Klank en kleur (AAA-series) at the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam. In addition, music is performed by Josef Matthias Hauer and Arnold Schönberg.

Prior to the concert there is a round table discussion with Rudi Fuchs, Maarten Kloos and Rozalie Hirs.

Date: 2010-09-24
Time: 16:00
Location: Het Concertgebouw, Concertgebouwplein 2-10, Amsterdam
Performers: Egmont Kwartet, comprised of soloists of the Concertgebouw Orchestra