On 2 November 2008 the new series WortMusik opens as part of Pianolab, Goethe Institut, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. During the festive launch event Dante Boon, Samuel Vriezen, Albert van Veenendaal, Mark Alban Lotz, Lysander le Coultre, Alan Purves, Walter Lampe, Keiko Shichijo, Oscar Jan Hoogland, Natalio Sued, Raoul van der Weide, Felicity Provan, Joost Buis, Achim Krämer, and Rozalie Hirs perform selections of the upcoming shows. The series’ host and curator is Stevko Busch.

Date: 2008-11-02
Time: 14:00
Location: Goethe Institut, Herengracht 470, Amsterdam