On 6 June 2015, Klangforum Wien, Vokalensemble NOVA, and Enno Poppe (conductor) perform the 25-hour program Urbo Kune at Holland Festival, Amsterdam. Part of the program is Atlantis ampersand, a brand-new work by Rozalie Hirs for eighteen players (2fl, cl, bass cl, cfg, cor, tp, tb, 2perc, pf, acc, midi keyboard, 2vlns, vla, vc, cb), eight singers (2SATB), and electronic sounds, commissioned by Holland Festival. The performance of Hirs’ work takes place at 14:25 CET at the Main Hall of Muziekgebouw aan’t IJ.

Special thanks to Casper Schipper for assistance with the sound synthesis in SuperCollider and to Peter Böhm for the sound projection in the hall.

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Date: 2015-06-06
Time: 14:25 (changed starting time!)
Location: Grote zaal (Main hall), Muziekgebouw aan’t IJ, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Performers: Klangforum Wien, Vokalensemble NOVA, and Enno Poppe (conductor)
World premiere of Atlantis ampersand (music, text) for voices, ensemble, and electronic sounds. Commissioned by Holland Festival.