On 27 June 2009 the sound installation Android (2009) opens at Kinker bridge, Amsterdam-West. The netherlands. The installation by Roel van Timmeren/ ILAP (concept, design) includes music by by Gerda Geertens, Huba de Graaff and Mayke Nas, and Rozalie Hirs, commissoned by ILAP with support from the Netherlands Foundation for Literature. Rozalie Hirs created the electroacoustic composition Bridge of Babel (2009), based on her own collage poem in twenty languages. Her work can be regarded as an aural trip around the world, a bridge of Babel, situated within this multicultural and multilingual area of Amsterdam. The installation is on display during the three months of summer.

Date: 2009-06-27
Time: 16:00
Location: Kinker bridge, Amsterdam (corner of Kinkerstraat and Tweede Kostverlorenkade)
Roel van Timmeren/ ILAP