On 24 March 2019 at 13:30 CET the soprano Bauwien van der Meer presents her production Fantastic Women, with songs on the topic of emancipation and women’s rights, at De Pont, Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Fantastic Women contains musical works by the composers Aleksandra Bajde, Rozalie Hirs, Anda Kryeziu, Kate Moore, Georgia Nicolaou, Barbara Okma, Annelies Van Parys, Calliope Tsoupaki, Renske Vrolijk, Yiran Zhao, based on poetry by, among others, Hirs, Plath, and Wesendonck. The work (music, text) composed by Hirs for the project is entitled Silenced (2018).

The production is developed in collaboration with Jorinde Keesmaat (director), Desiree van Gelderen (light), Sammy Van den Heuvel (costumes, set design), and Robin de Bruijn (dramaturgy). The new works are commissioned by November Music, Den Bosch, The Netherlands. With financial support from the Netherlands Performing Arts Fund and the Eduard van Beinum Foundation.

Date: 2019-03-24
Time: 13:30-15:00 CET
Location: De Pont, Wilhelminapark 1, Tilburg, The Netherlands