The open-air museum Sound Forest (Klankenbos) recently has added a new work to its permanent collection: Curvices (2013) by Rozalie Hirs (music, poetry), Cox & Grusenmeyer (design, animation), Yvan Vander Sanden (software design, realisation), and Machiel Spaan (spatial design) is a application for mobile devices (smartphones, iPads, tablets), combining music, poetry, and animations. Your walk through the forest determines in which way you perceive the work.

On 4 May 2014, the first Sunday of the month, there is an opportunity to explore the work during Klankenbos (Sound forest). Between 13:00 and 16hrs CET you can rent a tablet for €3,- and set out on your sound walk.

For whom prefers a guided tour, there is chance to follow a guide through the forrest either at 13:30 or 15:30 hrs. The guide will open your ears and eyes towards a new perception of the works that are part of Sound Forest (Klankenbos). Welcome!

Date: 2014-05-04
Location: Sound Forest (Klankenbos), Dommelhof, Neerpelt, Belgium