On 17 March 2012 Rozalie Hirs performs three musical compositions based on original texts as part of the performance lecture Rozalie Hirs: New music, new poetry at the StAnza International Poetry Festival. The pieces are Bridge of Babel (2009), In LA (2003, English version, 2010) and Pulsars (2007). Additionally, she reads the poem cycles Who put on my shoes (2010; English translation by Donald Gardner, 2012) and A day (2009; English translation by Donald Gardner, 2012), and talks about her interactive website Geluksbrenger online (2011), which she created in collaboration with visual artist Harm van den Dorpel. The festival is curated by Eleanor Livingstone.

Here is an interview with Rozalie, conducted by Ryan Van Winkle for the Scottish Poetry Library.

Date: 2012-03-17
Time: 15:30 GMT
Location: The Byre Theatre, Abbey Street, St. Andrews, Scotland
With financial support from the Dutch Foundation for Literature