From 3 until 7 April 2019 Rozalie Hirs is a guest poet at the World Poetry Festival/ Mundial Poético de Montevideo, Uruguay, along with following poets from Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, France, Haïti, México, and Perú: Fernando Noy, Claudia Masín, Julia Magistratti, Pedro Tostes, Amora Pera, Pedro Lago, Pedro Rocha, Tálata Rodríguez, Yann Marussich, JJ Pierre Paul, Balam Rodrigo, Miguel Ángel Fuentes Gallegos. The poets perform at several venues in Montevideo: Sala Verdi, Cabildo de Montevideo, Centro Cultural Goes, Museo Zorrilla, Centro Cultural Tractatus, Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo, El Peregrino, and Tundra Bar. The picture below shows the event at Il Cabildo de Montevideo on 4 April 2019.

In addition Hirs’ Spanish poetry book ahora es una rosa (Montevideo: Yauguru Books, 2019; Spanish translation: Diego Puls) will be presented at Tractuatus, on 5 April 2019. With financial support of the Netherlands Foundation for Literature.