The anthology toon de stad (English: show the city) (Grange Fontaine, 2023), edited by Lies van Gasse and Laurens Ham, is published on 2 February 2023. Van Gasse also illustrated the anthology. On Thursday 2 February 2023, a festive book launch takes place with an interview by Miriam Piters and readings by Ham and Van Gasse. The venue is Broese, Oudegracht 112-b, Utrecht. The starting time is 18:30 CET. The presentation is followed by a reception.

Part of the new anthology is the poem Toen leerde ik (0-38 years) by Rozalie Hirs, selected from her poetry book Geluksbrenger (Amsterdam: Uitgeverij Querido, 2008).

Starts: 2023-020-02
Door time: 18:30 CET
Location: Broese, Oudegracht 112-b, 3511 AW Utrecht, The Netherlands
Performers: Laurens Ham (host, editor), Lies Van Gasse (host, editor, visual art), Miriam Piters (interview)