From 13 January to 11 February 2018, it is Month of spirituality in the Dutch bookstores. Seven booksellers give their tips of recently published books with a high spiritual content. In the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad, Nadine Ancher notes their findings. Among other things, Joost Baars calls attention to the poetry book verdere bijzonderheden by Rozalie Hirs:

“She is quietly building an extraordinary body of work. In her work the whole cosmos always resounds, leaving the question whether we are dealing with only one cosmos, or several at nce. Nevertheless verdere bijzonderheden is perhaps her most earthy collection, her most physical too, in which remarkably many poems deal with birth. Every fiber of Hirs’ poetry says ‘yes’ to the world into which we are thrown.”

Nadine Ancher: ‘Nabestaanden en natuurgoden’ – interview with Joost Baars. Algemeen Dagblad, AD/ BN De Stem, Breda, January 13, 2018. The above photo of Joost Baars was taken by Tessa Posthuma de Boer.