2016, calendar, workshop

openmusic, gaudeamus music week – workshop

On 4 September 2016 from 11:00-17:15, as part of the Gaudeamus Muziekweek Academy, Rozalie Hirs teaches a one day workshop on OpenMusic (IRCAM). This is a workshop for composers who would like to get acquainted with OpenMusic and explore its possibilities towards the compositional process. Together we install the software […]

2008, calendar, lecture and debate, workshop

Lecture and workshop, USCD, United States

On November 17, 2008, from 17:00 to 19:00, Rozalie Hirs gives the talk “Contemporary compositional techniques and OpenMusic” at the Music Departement of USCD (University of California at San Diego), La Jolla, USA. The next day, November 18, 2010, the workshop of the same title takes place from 17:00 to […]