On Sunday 4 December 2022 at 14:15 CET, the Amsterdam cutting-edge music venue Orgelpark presents a portrait concert of Rozalie Hirs. The performers are Lore Binon (voice), Spectra Ensemble, and Filip Rathé (conductor).

The afternoon programme evolves around Rozalie’s dreams of airs (2017-18), a cycle in which poetry and music play equally important roles. Its sound world features eight musicians, a singer who speaks, and electronic sounds. In addition, the visual artists Boris Tellegen and Geert Jan Mulder have designed a live video installation for the performance. The score of dreams of airs (2017-18) by Rozalie Hirs is published by Deuss Music, The Hague, The Netherlands.

For the event the composer-poet has devised a brandnew version of the score, extending the orchestration to include hyper organ (MIDI-controlled pipe organ). The concert is made possible through grants of Orgelpark, Netherlands Performing Arts Fund, and Creative Industries Fund.

Rozalie Hirs – music (score, electronic sounds), poetry
Boris Tellegen, Geert Jan Mulder – image

Filip Rathé – conductor
Lore Binon – voice
Tille Van Gastel – flute
Cedric De Bruycker – clarinets
Frank Van Eycken – percussion
Nico Couck – electric guitar
Gabi Sultana – piano
Pieter Jansen – violin
Bram Bossier – viola
Peter Devos – cello

Date: 2022-11-04
Time: 14:15 CET
Location: Orgelpark, Gerard Brandtstraat 26, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Performers: Lore Binon (voice), SPECTRA Ensemble, Filip Rathé (conductor)