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article 1 to 3 for solo piano (2003) by Rozalie Hirs investigates the resonance properties of the grand piano, its body, and strings. It consists of three movements, [the], [aleph], and [a] respectively. The first movement [the] serves as an opening, emerging from the depths of the piano register. The center movement [aleph] is a meditation on the relative positioning of the piano keys, and on weightlessness. The large, virtuoso leaps render a light, transparent character, that offers space for reflection. The third movement [a] serves as an after-thought, exploring the possibilities of fireworks in the higher piano register. [a] employs an impressionistic piano technique and lyricism, that is reminiscent of Feux d’Artifice (Préludes book II) by Claude Debussy.

review (excerpt)

Recital by Jenny Lin, Women’s Work Series, Greenwich House, New York, United States
“Jenny Lin began with article 1 to 3 (2003), a prismatic score by Rozalie Hirs, from Amsterdam. Hirs, intent on mining the piano’s vast palette, devoted her first movement to percussive bass figures, her second to pointillistic treble lines and her finale to a cascading elaboration on a figure borrowed from Debussy’s Feu d’Artifice.” Allan Kozinn, The New York Times Weekend Arts: Fine Arts and Leisure, 20 March 2009

technical details

commissioned by Kees Wieringa with support of the Netherlands Performing Arts Fund (formerly know as Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst)

piano solo

11’30 ca.

Deuss Music

technical requirements
grand piano

dedicated to my parents


24 July 2015, 19:30 PST, Center for New Music in San Francisco, 55 Taylor Street, San Francisco, California, United States – Kate Campbell (piano)
21 April 2015 20:15 CET, Portrait concert: Rozalie Hirs, De Link, Tilburg, The Netherlands – Nieuw Amsterdams Peil, Gerard Bouwhuis (piano)
18 April 2015 20:00 PST, Portrait concert: Rozalie Hirs, Jeannik Méquet Littlefield Concert Hall, Mills College, 5000 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland CA 94613, United States – Mills Performing Group, Kate Campbell (piano)
15 May 2014, 19:00 PDT, Recital, UCSD Conrad Prebys Music Center, 9500 Gilman Drive, San Diego, California – Todd Moellenberg (piano)
14 April 2014, 19:00 PDT, Language Isolates, University of California San Diego, 9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla, United States – Todd Moellenberg (piano)
18 March 2009 Recital, Women’s Work Series, Greenwich House, New York, United States – Jenny Lin (piano)
8 March 2009 15:00, Recital, Passaic Library, New Jersey, United States – Jenny Lin (piano)
14 May 2006, 15:00 CET, Recital, Mellotone, Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Dante Boon (piano)
9 May 2005, 20:30 CET, Tetracordo, Accademia de Ungheria, Via Giulia 1, Roma, Italia – Dante Boon (piano) – Italian premiere
8 May 2005, 20:00 CET, New muisc in Irpinia, Accademia Kandinsky, Avellino, Italia – Dante Boon (piano)
7 May 2005, 18:30 CET, International music and poetry days, Castel del Sasso (Sala Biblioteca), Via Etruria 39, Cerveteri, Italia – Dante Boon (piano) – Italian premiere
15 April 2005, 15:30, Beyond the piano keys, ISCM Festival, Wertheim Perfroming Arts Center, Florida International University, Miami, Florida, United States – Dante Boon (piano) – North American premiere
20 November 2004, 20:15 CET, Pianomarathon, Theater Kikker, Utrecht, The Netherlands – Dante Boon (piano)
28 October 2004, 20:15 CET, Hedendaags Klassiek, De Gigant, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands – Dante Boon (piano)
14 March 2004, 13:00 CET, De Muzieksalon, Grasland, Haarlem, The Netherlands – Dante Boon (piano)
18 December 2003, 22:00 CET, Recital, Bethaniënklooseter, Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Dante Boon (piano)
10 December 2003, 22:00 CET, The Workshop, Zaal 100, Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Dante Boon (piano)
2 April 2003, 20:15 CET, Een Nieuwe Lente, Concertgebouw (Kleine Zaal), Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Kees Wieringa (piano)
1 April 2003, 20:15 CET, Een Nieuwe Lente, De Harmonie, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands – Kees Wieringa (piano)
27 March 2003, 20:15 CET, Een Nieuwe Lente, Theater aan het Vrijthof, Maastricht, The Netherlands – Kees Wieringa (piano)
25 March 2003, 20:15 CET, Een Nieuwe Lente, De Vereeniging, Nijmegen, The Netherlands – Kees Wieringa (piano)
22 March 2003, 20:15 CET, Een Nieuwe Lente, Vredenburg, Utrecht, The Netherlands – Kees Wieringa (piano) WP