On 8 February 2008 the poets Anneke Brassinga, Hans Groenewegen, Liesbeth Lagemaat, Samuel Vriezen, B. Zwaal, and Rozalie Hirs, perform the oratorio Troost de hysterische robot (1989) by the Dutch poet Lucebert at Theater Provadja, Alkmaar. The musicians Anne La Berge and David Dramm interlace the readings with improvisations. In addition to the collective performance all poets read selections from their own works.

Curators of the evening areHans Groenewegen, Samuel Vriezen, and Rozalie Hirs.

Date: 2008-02-08
Time: 20:15
Location: Theater Provadja, Verdronkenoord 12, Alkmaar, The Netherlands
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