On Saturday 14 July 2018 Rozalie Hirs reads her poetry at Prinsentuin, Groningen, The Netherlands, alongside Radna Fabias, Erik Bindervoet, Dean Bowen, Nicolaas Matsier, Atte Jongstra, Annemarie Estor, Carmien Michels, Else Kemps, Daniël Vis, and other Dutch and international poets. The Festival Dichters in de Prinsentuin takes place every summer in the beautiful Prinsentuin (The Prince’s Garden) in the city centre of Groningen. It is curated by Maarten Praamstra.

he photograph of Rozalie Hirs’ appearance in the Loofgangen of Dichters in the Prinsentuin on 27 July 2012 was taken by Bianca Sistermans.

Date: 2018-07-14
Time: 14.15 CET (Loofgangen) & 16.30 CET (Theeveld)
Location: Prinsentuin, Turfsingel 43, 9712 KJ Groningen, The Netherlands