On 18 February 2018 the exhibition The fly on the rose prevents us with brandnew works by visual artists Kars Persoon and Omar Koubaa is opened at Gallery Dom’arte at Rucphen near Roosendaal, The Netherlands. During the opening Timon Persoon performs music with his band The Visual, and Rozalie Hirs reads poems from her recent poetry book verdere bijzonderheden (further particulars; Amsterdam: Uitgeverij Querido, 2017).

image ©2017 Kars Persoon
at the centre of a diamond
atelier : 23 / 12 / 20 17
80×60 cm oil on canvas

Date: 2018-02-18
Time: 14:00 CET
Location: Galerie Dom’arte, Langendijksestraat 3, 4715 PH Rucphen, The Netherlands.
Performers: Anna van Rij and Timon Persoon (The visual; band), Rozalie Hirs (poet)