At the invitation of Joost Baars, the poets Edwin Fagel, Willem Jan Otten, and Rozalie Hirs perform alongside him during Geestdrift Festival at Geertekerk, Utrecht, The Netherlands, on 28 October 2017.

Geestdrift is a festival around theological themes with lectures, readings, literature, visual arts, and music. This year’s theme concerns the radical hermeneutics and weak theology of John Caputo, who opens the festival at noon with a keynote lecture entitled ‘In search of a god worthy of the name’. The poetry readings by Joost Baars, Edwin Fagel, Willen Jan Otten, and Rozalie Hirs take place from 15:45-16:45 CET. The photograph on the left shows Dette Glashouwer who presents her theatre show ‘Money money money’ later in the afternoon.

The Geertekerk in Utrecht is one of the oldest churches in the city: its construction began in the 17th Century. It was remodeled during the 19th Century and has been one of the spiritual and cultural centers of eastern Holland ever since. Apart from fulfilling the religious needs of its parishioners, the Geertekerk also hosts musical and cultural performances, and exhibitions.

Date: 2017-10-28
Time: 15:45-16:45 CET
Location: Geertekerk, Geertekerkhof 23, 3511 XC Utrecht, The Netherlands