On 10 June 2005 at 20:00 CET, the Dutch radio program De Avonden is broadcast by VPRO. From 20:15 onwards, Wouter Pleijsier presents Luna Express. On air will be the electronic music composition noise (2001) by Rozalie Hirs, as well as her music composition based on her own text In LA (2003), performed by Hirs herself. Also included is poetry by Rainer Maria Rilke, recited by Oskar Werner.

Starts: 2005-06-10
Door time: 8:15 p.m.
Location: Luna Express, De Avonden, VPRO, Radio 6
Performers: Wouter Pleijsier (presentation), Oskar Werner (voice), Rainer Maria Rilke (poet), Rozalie Hirs (poet, composer, voice)