On 16 December 2023 the Zaterdagmatinee presents a concert in honour of György Ligeti. Part of the programme will be works by Abrahamsen, Hirs, Ligeti, and Poppe.
The new work bron for symphony orchestra (2023) by Rozalie Hirs was commissioned by NTR Zaterdagmatinee and Stichting Vrienden van de Matinee. Composed for the Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra, who will perform the world premiere together with Elena Schwarz (conductor). The concert is broadcast live on NPO Radio channel 4 by NTR/ Zaterdagmatinee.

Here is a permanent listening link to the live world premiere concert (bron starts at 17′ into the broadcast).

The above photograph by Simon van Boxtel shows the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra in the main hall of the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Date: 2023-12-16
Begins: 14:15 CET
Location: Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Performers: Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra, Elena Schwarz (conductor)
Composers: Hans Abrahamsen, Rozalie Hirs, György Ligeti, Enno Poppe