**POSTPONED DUE TO CORONA PANDEMIC** On 28 March 2020 at 16:00 CET (2017) the architectural sound sculpture The Listening House by Machiel Spaan/M3H Architecten (concept, design) and Rozalie Hirs (music composition), is to be auctioned during a benefit event. The location is The Art of Living, Autotron Rosmalen, The Netherlands.

The work was shown to the public for the first time on 10 April 2017 as part of the Dolls’ House Project, a traveling exhibition of model houses, each designed and assembled by a renowned Dutch architect. The Dolls’ House Project was initiated and curated by the architect Peter Masselink as a benefit exhibition to enhance awareness about congenital metabolic disorders: the Inborn errors of metabolism. A series of exhibitions of eighteen sculptures throughout The Netherlands during 2017-18. Today’s auction of all sculptures concludes the project; the revenue will be donated to scientific research on the diseases.

Date: 2020-03-28
Time: 16:00 CET
Location: The Art of Living, Autotron Rosmalen, The Netherlands

All participating architects and their doll’s houses are:

M3H | Het Luisterhuis
Hilberink Bosch | Playtime generator
Zecc | Het gestolde poppenhuis
Daf architecten | Spelenderwijs
Mei architecten | Poppetjeshuis
Hans van Heeswijk architecten | Towerhouse
Office WinHov | Een poppenhuis heeft geen trap
Dreessen Willemse architecten | Ver-huis-doos
Space & Matter | The world around you
De Architecten Cie | Wonderland
Groep Sverre | Ei
Mayo Maakt Op aardappels
Reonald | Guusjes poppenhuis
Maurer United | Hyperspace
Ralph Brodruck | Woodpeckers home
Femke Stout | Daydream
Atelier Puuur | Poppenhuis’ wereld
Jan Nauta |
Marcel Lok | Wander
Antoine Bowers | Ode

Download the poster here [PDF].

The Listening House (2017) is the successor of the location-specific interactive sound and poetry app Curvices (2013) by Hirs and Spaan. The virtual outdoor listening rooms of Curvices can be explored by walking through the museum park Klankenbos, Neerpelt, Belgium (2013-present), or the Citadel, Den Bosch, The Netherlands (2014-present), and Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam (2015-16). In Curvices, GPS technology localizes the listener’s position and triggers the respective song or soundtrack.

In The Listening House the rooms are physically present as part of the model, an abstract dolls’ house. Again each room possesses its own soundtrack. The rooms and their sounds can be explored by walking around the model and approaching the desired position. Sensors judge the proximity of the listener and trigger the corresponding sounds signalling the environment and function of the living spaces.

With special thanks to Casper Schipper (electronic wiring setup of speakers and sensors), Remko Spaan (woordwork), Layla Hollestelle and Menno Ubink (technical support).