On Friday 28 October 2022 new theatre pieces by Hannah van Binsbergen, EW Geerlings, Rozalie Hirs, Toine Horvers, Maria Machelina de Rooij en Anne Vegter will receive their first performance by the actors Sytske van der Ster (photograph) and Joep Dorren. In addition Dante Boon performs new works for organ by Bas Geerts. The evening is the opening of the Wandelweiser Festival at Orgelpark, Amsterdam.

Part of the programme is the theatre piece ik doe mijn haar (2022) by Rozalie Hirs, commissioned by Dante Boon and Sytske van der Ster.

Date: 2022-10-28
Doortime: 20:15 CET
Location: Stichting Het Orgelpark, Gerard Brandtstraat 26, 1054 JK Amsterdam, The Netherlands