September 20, 2005. The web magazine De Recensent today published the fine review “What do the rules do?” by Edwin Fagel on the new poetry collection [Speling] by Rozalie Hirs. Fagel says, among other things:

“How poetry imposes its own rules, is demonstrated unequivocally by the third collection of Rozalie Hirs (1965): [Speling] (Leeway). My free interpretation is that in these poems, what is at stake is the leeway between the word and its meaning, between meaning and sensation. […] The questions that are posed in the first poems are really the starting point of the poetry that follows. […] A poetry that is at times bizarre, and with the best will in the world cannot be explained rationally. In short, a very multifaceted poetry. Hirs alternates this kind of associative, unpredictable and at times bizarre poetry, that on more than one occasion is reminiscent of Astrid Lampe, with clear, transparent, but even so enigmatic poems such as ‘[vlinder]’ and ‘[Duchamp]’. A musical poetry, too. […] A beautiful poetry that does not yield easily, that repulses and beguiles, that fascinates more and more, that ends up refusing to release the reader.”

Read the full review (Dutch) here.