Today, on 8 September 2019 from 11:00-18:00 CET, the German based international publisher hochroth Verlag is present at the Text & Talk Messe & B├╝chermarkt, Kulturgut Nottbeck, Museum for Literary Arts, Westfalen, Germany. Among its beautifully crafted books is my first German book publication, ein tag (Berlin: hochroth, 2014), a selection of poems from Logos (Amsterdam: Querido, 2002), [Speling] (2005), and gestamelde werken (2012), translated by Ard Posthuma, and the author. So happy to be part of the hochroth book table at Nottbeck – see the picture for proof – while I have been finding myself as a brandnew artist-in-residence at Maison Van Doesburg in the Parisian outskirts of Meudon. More news to follow soon!