On Sunday 5 December 2021 from 10:45-11:10 CET the Dutch television broadcaster VPRO presents a new edition of Vrije Geluiden (Free Sounds) with a feature of hand in hand for string quartet and soprano (2020) by Rozalie Hirs. The performers are: Keren Motseri (soprano); Luna Quartet – Janneke van Prooijen, Jellantsje de Vries, Elisabeth Smalt, and Katharina Gross. The programme can be watched at the digital channel NPO 2 Extra. You can read the accompanying interview by Mark van de Voort (photography: Ruby Cruden) in the current issue #49 of VPRO Gids.

The composition hand in hand (2020) was commissioned by Kulturkreis für Neue Musik Heilbronn. The score is published by Deuss Music. The poetry book oneindige zin (infinite sense; 2021) is published by Uitgeverij Querido.

The above photograph of Luna String Quartet and Keren Motseri was made by Rozalie Hirs during the recording session at Muziekhaven, Zaandam, on 13 September 2021. The below photographs were made by Vivian Vrolijk and Melchior Huurdeman during VPRO’s recording. The following photograph shows the performers with the composer in the garden of Muziekhaven after the recording session.