On Sunday 1 November 2020 at 11:30 CET hand in hand for string quartet and soprano (2020) by Rozalie Hirs (music, text) receives its world premiere by Sonar Quartett and Maraile Lichdi (soprano). The location is Regiswindiskirche in Lauffen am Neckar, birthtown of the German poet Hölderlin. The new work by Rozalie Hirs, commissioned by Förderkreis für Neue Musik Heilbronn e.V., is published by Deuss Music, The Hague, The Netherlands. Before the programme and/or during the intermission Rozalie reads her poetry and talks about the new work.

concert programme
Luigi Nono – Fragmente – Stille, an Diotima for string quartet (1980)
Rozalie Hirs – hand in hand for string quartet and soprano (2020)
Leoš Janáček – String Quartet No. 2 Intimate Letters (1928)

Sonar Quartett
Susanne Zapf (violin)
Wojciech Garbowski (violin)
Nikolaus Schlierf (viola)
Cosima Gerhardt (cello)

The photograph of Sonar Quartett is by Piotr Bialoglowicz.

Date: 2020-10-31
Time: 20:00 CET
Location: Regiswindiskirche, Lauffen am Neckar, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Performers: Sonar Quartett, Maraile Lichdi (soprano)