On Saturday 11 February 2023 from 15:30-16:30 CET, curator Mélanie van der Hoorn provides a guided tour for children and adults through the exhibition Playing Architecture, ARCAM, Amsterdam. Curator Mélanie van der Hoorn talks about her research into this topic, the creation of the exhibition and the installations made especially for Arcam. What do games show us of built environments and of Amsterdam in particular? And what current issues do they raise? With special thanks to Indira van ‘t Klooster, ARCAM’s director. Download the press release here [English, PDF].

The above photo by Maarten Nauw shows Mélanie van der Hoorn at the opening of the exhibition on December 9, 2022; the photo below, also by Maarten Nauw, shows the Listening House by Machiel Spaan (design) and Rozalie Hirs (music) in action during the exhibition.

Starts: 2023-02-11
Door time: 3:30 CET
Location: Arcam, Prins Hendrikkade 600, 1011 VX Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Admission fee: adults € 7.50; children (12-18 years) € 3.50