Rozalie Hirs Spectralisms in my Music, Digital Techniques, Psychoacoustic effects, Poetry

Embedded listening links to four music compositions discussed during my lecture on 16 March 2023 at 13:00-15:00 CET at the Conservatorium Groningen
Click on the respective title to access further info on the piece.

Love for music, poetry, science, technology, for learning

Intuition and dreams

Chemical Engineering (Twente University, MSc)
Music Composition (Royal Conservatoire, MMus; Columbia University, DMA)

The creative process
A maker, making things
Dialogue, feedback, change

The experience of listening and reading
The senses


Venus [morning star] (2010)

Digital tools: AudioSculpt software (analysis, resynthesis), OpenMusic software (analysis, representation), Logic (sampler)
Mathematics, Physics: spectral analysis, Risset/Shepard tone

In LA (2003; 2010 English version)

In LA (2003, Dutch version) was composed as a portrait of the composer Louis Andriessen and is dedicated to him. The text is based on an interview with Andriessen that Hirs conducted in 2003 inquiring after his first memories. In 2010 Hirs translated the piece into English.

In LA (2003, 2010) is inspired by the psychoacoustic ‘cocktail party effect’, which was taken as a metaphor for the act of remembering, for ‘hearing’ a particular stream of memories within a cacophony of competing memories during its emergence into consciousness.

article 7 [ways to climb a mountain] (2012)

article 7 [ways to climb a mountain] (2012) by Rozalie Hirs is a microtonal composition for bass clarinet and electronic glissandi, synthesized from pure sine waves, employing binaural beatings and ring modulation only. The instrumental lines are enveloped by, or cut through, the glissandi moving in several large waves.

roseherte (2008)

Digital tools: OpenMusic software (generation, processing), CSound (sound synthesis)
Mathematics, Physics: ringmodulation, curves, mathematical function

roseherte (2008; rev. 2014) for symphony orchestra and electronic sounds