On Saturday afternoon 15 April 2023, the latest issue of Forum – architecture magazine is presented in the courtyard garden of the Town Hall, Hilversum, The Netherlands. The theme of the new issue is The Garden. Architects and designers have made contributions in image and writing. The festive presentation is concluded with a reception. The photo above shows the Hilversum Town Hall, designed by the Dutch architect Dudok. The full program of the event will follow shortly.

From 11 March 11 until 15 June 2023, the exhibition Forum is shown at the Dudok Architecture Center, City Hall, Hilversum.

Part of the architecture magazine and the exhibition are the poem tuin and other poems written by Rozalie Hirs as Forum’s house poet (2018-2023). The poems can also be read in Hirs’ recent poetry book infinite sentence (Amsterdam: Singel|Querido, 2021).

Starts: 2023-04-15
Door time: TBA
Location: Dudok Architecture Center, Stadhuis (Town Hall), Dudokplein 1, Hilversum, The Netherlands