19 June 2018. Music journalist and musicologist Thea Derks just published a fine review of Wiek Hijmans’ CD Electric Language on Culture Press: “How Wiek Hijmans makes the electric guitar distinguished and presentable.” She writes, among other things:

“Wiek Hijmans (b. 1967) is tirelessly committed to the use of the electric guitar in contemporary composed music. On Electric Language, his latest CD, he presents music by eight composers in addition to his own work Victus. Six of the pieces were composed especially for him. The disc appeared on the Attacca label, as issue 16 in the unsurpassed Ladder of Escape series.


The most coherent pieces are by Rozalie Hirs and Alison Cameron. In article 6 [waves], Hirs sets light-footed melodies against a gently sliding sine tone. The many harmonics, the warm tone, as well as the rising and falling drone together create a mysterious, otherworldly atmosphere.”

Read the full review at Culture Press.