On 12 June 2021 at Poetry International, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, the Dutch Climate Poets (Klimaatdichters) present a poetry marathon on the topic of climate change and activism. The marathon is curated by the core group of the Dutch Climate Poets, Saskia Stehouwer, Annelie David, Moya de Feyter, among others. All participating poets present the poetry they contributed to the recent anthology Zwemlessen voor later (Antwerp: Uitgeverij Vrijdag, 2020). During the event, Rozalie Hirs reads her poem droom van land 2071 (English: dream of land 2071). The full line-up of poets is to be announced soon.

Date: 2021-06-12
Time: 17:00 CET
Location: Poetry International, Kantine Walhalla, Veerlaan 11, 3072 AN Rotterdam / Katendrecht, The Netherlands