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launch of forum, amsterdam

On 11 March 2018 at 14:00 CET a new series of the magazine for architecture FORUM, published by Genootschap Architectura et Amicitiae (founded 1855), present its first issue ‘The Hall’. The launch party takes place at the Academy for Architecture, Amsterdam; it features a lecture by Machiel Spaan, musical performances […]

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composer-in-residence, maison dora maar, ménerbes, france

From 1 to 31 March 2018 Rozalie Hirs is composer-in-residence at the Maison Dora Maar in Ménerbes, Provence, France. With generous support of a Brown Foundation Fellowship from the Maison Dora Maar. The French photographer, painter, poet Dora Maar (pseudonym for Henriette Theodora Markovitch) owned the house and stayed there […]

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meditations (2017) – uk premiere

On Wednesday 21 February 2018 the British pianist Philip Thomas and the Canadian percussionist, composer, and electronic musician Colin Frank play the opening concert of the Electric Spring Festival at the University of Huddersfield, UK. During this program Philip Thomas also presents the UK premiere of meditations for piano and […]

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kars persoon: the fly on the rose prevents us

On 18 February 2018 the exhibition The fly on the rose prevents us with brandnew works by visual artists Kars Persoon and Omar Koubaa is opened at Gallery Dom’arte at Rucphen near Roosendaal, The Netherlands. During the opening Timon Persoon performs music with his band The Visual, and Rozalie Hirs […]

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jeroen dera: freedom of ink – essay

Logos (2002) is reviewed as one of the Poetry books of the new millennium (Nijmegen|Ghent: Vantilt|Poëziecentrum, 2018) by Jeroen Dera (1986) in his long essay ‘Freedom of ink’. Dera explains the interesting choice of precisely this early collection by Rozalie Hirs as follows: “Dilemma: which work by Rozalie Hirs (Gouda, […]

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awater poetry prize nomination 2018

Marije Langelaar wins the 2018 Awater Poetry Prize for her poetry collection Vonkt and Joost Baars wins the 2018 VSB Poetry Prize for his Binnenplaats. What a poetry week! Rozalie Hirs’ poetry collection further particulars (2017) was also a contender for the 2018 Awater Poetry Prize. Thanks to Edwin Fagel […]

2018, calendar, installations with poetry or music

the listening house (2017)

From 19 January until 19 March 2018 Het Luisterhuis (2017; The Listening House), the architectural interactive sound sculpture by Machiel Spaan/M3H architecten (concept, design) and Rozalie Hirs (music), is exhibited at the Openbaar Vervoer & Speelgoed Museum, Doetinchem, The Netherlands, as part of The Dolls’ House Project, initiated and curated […]

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tip johan de boose, de standaard, belgië

22 December 2017. Johan de Boose tips gestammelte werke (Berlin: kookbooks, 2017) by Rozalie Hirs today in De Letteren, De Standaard, Belgium, in response to the question “Which 2017 book deserves more attention?” He writes, among other things, “Gestammelte Werke, poetry by the poet/composer Rozalie Hirs. A beautiful collection of […]

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multilingualism: tower of babel I diapason

On 15 December 2017 at 20:30 CET the Amsterdam-based experimental poetry venue Perdu presents the first installment of a series of evenings Toren van Babel/ Diapason around the phenomenon of multilingualism in contemporary poetry. The evenings are curated by Lucie Fortuin, Linda Veldman, and Frances Welling (Avondenredactie/ director of Perdu). […]

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nieuwe noten, amsterdam

On 10 December 2017 at 15:00 Nieuwe Noten, curated by Fie Schouten, presents the third concert of its opening season, featuring the musicians Fie Schouten (bass clarinet), Jelte Althuis (bass clarinet), Ryoko Imai (percussion), and Rie Wanatebe (percussion). Rozalie Hirs interlaces their music performances with readings from her brandnew poetry […]

2017, dutch, poetry books

further particulars (2017)

further particulars (Dutch: verdere bijzonderheden; Amsterdam: Singel Uitgeverijen| Querido, 2017) is the sixth full-length Dutch poetry book by Rozalie Hirs, published by the Amsterdam-based renowned publisher Uitgeverij Querido.

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portrait event, groningen, the netherlands

On Wednesday 8 November 2017 at 12:30 CET Rozalie Hirs is guest poet during the event Dichters van geluk in Groningen. Rozalie reads from her forthcoming poetry book verdere bijzonderheden (Amsterdam: Querido, 2017). In addition her colleague Rense Sinkgraven interviews Hirs about the creative process and happiness. The event takes […]

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meditations (2017)

contents 1. program notes 2. technical details: orchestration, technical requirements, duration, publisher 3. performances program notes program notes [English; German below] meditations for piano and electronic sounds (2017) was premiered by Philip Thomas at the Dutch contemporary music festivals November Music (Den Bosch) and Sounds of Music (Groningen) in November […]

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geestdrift festival

At the invitation of Joost Baars, the poets Edwin Fagel, Willem Jan Otten, and Rozalie Hirs perform alongside him during Geestdrift Festival at Geertekerk, Utrecht, The Netherlands, on 28 October 2017. Geestdrift is a festival around theological themes with lectures, readings, literature, visual arts, and music. This year’s theme concerns […]

2017, calendar, installations with poetry or music

robbed from the nest, belgium

From 27 October until 26 November 2017 the poetry exhibition Uit het nest geroofd (Robbed from the nest) shows twenty poems of the Dutch and Flemish poets Abdelkader Benali, Julie Beirens, Bernard Dewulf, Astrid Haerens, Stefan Hertmans, Rozalie Hirs, Esther Jansma, Frank Keizer, Nafiss Nia, Iduna Paalman, David Van Reybrouck, […]

2017, calendar, music concerts

hilbert’s hotel (2015)

On 1 October 2017 at 11:00 CET the Huygens-Fokker Foundation, Center for Microtonal Music, presents the concert program Fokker organ XL for the 31-tone tempered Fokker organ at Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The program also features Rozalie Hirs’s composition Hilbert’s Hotel for microtonal organ and electronic sounds […]

2017, calendar, musical works

parallel world [breathing] (2017)

parallel world [breathing] (2017) by Rozalie Hirs, commissioned by Concertgebouw Orchestra and University of Amsterdam, with support of the Dutch Performing Arts Fund, is scored for flute, clarinet, 2 harps, percussion, electronic sounds, violin, viola, and cello.

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gestammelte werke (2017) – a new multilingual poetry book

gestammelte werke (2017) is a new multilingual poetry book by Rozalie Hirs, her manifesto for multilingual reading, and living. For Europe, and the world. Published by KOOKBOOKS Verlag, Berlin, Germany, the book contains original poems in Dutch, German, and English, as well as translations of the poems into up to ten languages. The poems are selected by its publisher Daniela Seel from Hirs’ five most recent poetry books: Speling (Amsterdam: Querido, 2005), Geluksbrenger (Amsterdam: Querido, 2008), gestamelde werken (Amsterdam: Querido, 2012), Curvices and Musicles (Bleiswijk: Uitgeverij Vleugels, 2013), verdere bijzonderheden (Amsterdam: Querido, 2017). The poems are translated from Dutch or English, into German, English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Serbian, Albanian, Swedish, and/or Lithuanian, by Daniela Seel, Diego Puls, Ard Posthuma, Kim Andringa, Henri Deluy, Aurea Sison, Donald Gardner, Daniel Cunin, Anton Papleka, Jelica Novaković, Radovan Lucic, Ausra Gudaviciute, Gytis Norvilas, Nina Tarhan Mouravi, Boerje Bohlin, Moze Jacobs. The cover and book design is by Andreas Töpfer.

2017, calendar, workshop

creative writing, sounds of music – workshop

On 28 September 2017 from 14:30-16:30 CET Rozalie Hirs teaches a Creative writing workshop for students of the Montessori Lyceum, Groningen, The Netherlands. The goal of the workshop is to create texts for fifteen sound walks through the city of Groningen. The sound workshop, employing Ableton Live and Push, is […]

2017, calendar, residency

composer-in-residence, macdowell, united states

From 7 August until 7 September 2017 Rozalie Hirs is Composer-in-Residence at the MacDowell Colony, Peterborough, New Hampshire, the oldest artist colony in the United States, founded in 1907. During her time at MacDowell she will be working on new compositions and poems. The picture below shows the founder Marian […]

2017, calendar, lecture and debate

journée d’études messiaen/ murail

On 27 July 2017 during the Festival Messiaen at La Grave/La Meije, France, the composers and theorists Franck Bedrossian, Pierre-Albert Castanet, Jonathan Cross, Sampo Haapamaki, Thomas Lacoste, and Rozalie Hirs will be presenting lectures on new music and compositional techniques. Tristan Murail presents the keynote lecture. The event Journée d’Études […]

2017, calendar, installations with poetry or music

the listening house (2017), bkkc

The Listening House (2017), the brandnew architectural interactive sound sculpture by Machiel Spaan/M3H architecten (concept, design) and Rozalie Hirs (music), is exhibited from 13 July until 13 August 2017 at Brabants Kenniscentrum Kunst en Cultuur, Tilburg, The Netherlands, as part of the Dolls’ House Project, curated by Peter Masselink. Date: […]

2017, calendar, installations with poetry or music

the listening house (2017) – opening

On 21 June 2017 at 20:00 CET at Design Café Achterhoek, Gruitpoort, Doetinchem, Peter Masselink opens his Dolls’ House exhibition. Machiel Spaan presents a lecture on The Listening House (2017), an architectural interactive sculpture he designed in close collaboration with the composer Rozalie Hirs. Date: 2017-07-21 Time: 20:00 Location: Design […]

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composer-in-residence, yaddo, united states

From 1 May until 8 June 2017 Rozalie Hirs is composer-in-residence at the Artists’ Community Yaddo in Saratoga, upstate New York, United States. During her time at Yaddo, she works on a new chamber composition for soloists of the Concertgebouw Orchestra, to be premiered in the Autumn (photograph ©2017 Elisabeth […]

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on tenderness (2017), edmonton, alberta, canada

On 14 March 2017 during the Edmonton New Music Festival in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Mikolaj Warszynski and Zuzana Simurdova present a recital with works for two pianos as well as piano works for four hands. In addition one of them performs the new composition On Tenderness for solo piano and […]

2017, calendar, lecture and debate

words and music in choral art

On 23 and 24 January 2017 Rozalie Hirs is on the panels during a debate on words and music in choral art. Possible questions could include: which are the challenges a writer faces when his or her texts are – or would be – used in choral music? How can […]

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n30x31 – a tribute to jeroen mettes (1987-2006)

On Friday 16 December 2016 at 20:00 CET at Perdu, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, the work by poet, essayist, and blogger Jeroen Mettes (1987-2006) is commemorated by thirty-one Dutch poets reciting Mettes’ magnum opus N30+ during an evening-length tribute. With appearances by Samuel Vriezen, Maartje Smits, Alfred Schaffer, Nadia de Vries, […]