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review edwin fagel

September 20, 2005. The web magazine De Recensent today published the fine review “What do the rules do?” by Edwin Fagel on the new poetry collection [Speling] by Rozalie Hirs. Fagel says, among other things: “How poetry imposes its own rules, is demonstrated unequivocally by the third collection of Rozalie […]

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review alain delmotte

August 17, 2005. Today the web magazine Poëzierapport (Poetry Report) published the wonderful review ‘On an opening line and its consequences’ by Alain Delmotte on Rozalie Hirs’ third collection of poems [Speling] (2005): “Poetry has its own criteria for penetrating reality and translating that reality – and by these, it […]

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article 1 to 3 [the] [aleph] [a] (2003), rome, italy

On 9 May 2005, Dante Boon plays a solo recital at the Hungarian Academy in Rome, Italy. The programme includes works by Mozart, Liszt, Vriezen, Voorvelt, Hirs, Báthory-Kitsz, Andriessen and Chopin. Included in the programme is the music composition article 1 to 3 [the] [aleph] [a] (2003) by Rozalie Hirs. […]

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article 1 to 3 [the] [aleph] [a], avellino, italy

On 8 May 2005 at 20:00, Dante Boon will play a solo recital at the Accademia Kandinsky in Avellino, Italy. The concert is part of the eighth edition of the Festival Musica Contemporanea in Irpinia. The programme includes works by Cage, Sibelius, Feldman, Sciarrino, Vriezen, Voorvelt, Hirs and Andriessen. Of […]

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[speling] ([leeway], 2005)

“What is striking about [Speling], the third poetry book by Rozalie Hirs, is its strong composition: the collection opens with a one-line poem about dreaming and thought. With each consecutive poem, the poems’ length increases by one line until the whole has grown into a pathway, a poem that fills the entire page, to finally explode into the showpiece of In LA, a text spanning many pages. The reader moves within the ‘leeway’ (which is how the Dutch title [speling] could be translated) between dreaming and thinking, words and lines. The first sentence introduces the elements for the rest of the collection. Hirs is looking for the moments in which experience is no longer restricted to the single body, but extends itself to the other or even to the entire world.” (Edwin Fagel, De Recensent)

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akzente, hanser verlag – poetry publication

1 April 2005 sees the publication of the new issue of Akzente, Zeitschrift für Literatur herausgegeben von Michael Krüger, Carl Hanser Verlag, Munich, Germany. With new literary work by Shawqi Bzi’, Thomas Combrink, Heinz Schlaffer, Hans Bender, Helmut Krausser, Andrzej Kopacki, Michael Buselmeier, Rozalie Hirs, Holdger Platta, Martin Ziegler, Gerhard […]

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logos digital (2003)

Logos interactive website (map: Noëlle von Eugen; design, programming in Flash: Matt Lee; poetry: Rozalie Hirs; 2002) was the first interactive online website of a full length Dutch poetry book. Available online September 2003 – November 2012. Available for download now as a standalone digital application [Mac OsX].

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article 1 to 3 (2003)

article 1 to 3 for solo piano (2003) by Rozalie Hirs investigates the resonance properties of the grand piano, its body, and strings. It consists of three movements, [the], [aleph], and [a] respectively. The first movement [the] serves as an opening, emerging from the depths of the piano register. The center movement [aleph] is a meditation on the relative positioning of the piano keys, and on weightlessness. The large, virtuoso leaps render a light, transparent character, that offers space for reflection. The third movement [a] serves as an after-thought, exploring the possibilities of fireworks in the higher piano register. [a] employs an impressionistic piano technique and lyricism, that is reminiscent of Feux d’Artifice (Préludes book II) by Claude Debussy.

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logos (2002)

Logos, Rozalie Hirs’ second collection of poems, has the reader traveling through the human body. Inside the book there is an anatomical drawing, made by artist Noëlle von Eugen, by which the reader can navigate through the collection. The ‘logos’ of the title might refer to the laws of the body, of thought, the imagination, and the word. In the many love poems, the beloved turns out to be a human being of flesh and blood, and at the same time, language.

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Sacro Monte (1997, CD 1999)

Contents 1. Program notes, review 2. Listen 3. Technical details 4. Past performances Program notes Sacro Monte was commissioned by La Nuova Arca, Turin, for the concert series ‘Il Suono dei Parchi’ by the ensemble Antidogma, touring seven natural reserves in Piemonte, northern Italy, in the fall of 1997. Seven […]