On Saturday 20 January 2024 from 17:00-19:00, Wouter Pleijsier (pictured above on the left) is presenter of the Podium broadcast on Radio 4, The Netherlands.

Today in the programme, parts of the orchestral work source (2023) by Rozalie Hirs, performed by the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Elena Schwarz (conductor), are part of the broadcast. The work was commissioned by the Zaterdagmatinee and Vrienden van de Zaterdagmatinee. The recording was made during the world premiere on 16 December 2023 at the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam.

In addition, Rozalie Hirs reads poems from her recent poetry collection ecologica (Vleugels Publishing, 2023), which will receive the Jan Campert Prize 2023 the following day.

A permanent listening link of the broadcast can be found here. Pleijsier presents bron and ecologica at around 1h18’50” into the broadcast.