On 17 September 2023 at 13:30 CET, (contra)bass clarinettist Fie Schouten and violoncellist Katharina Gross perfrom the world premiere of bee sage (2023), a new duo by Rozalie Hirs for cello and contrabass clarinet. bee sage (2023) was composed by Hirs at the request of Fie Schouten and Katharina Gross. bee sage (2023) will be published by Deuss Music. The work is dedicated to Gross and Schouten.

In addition, the composer-poet Rozalie Hirs reads poems, selected from her recent collection ecologica (Uitgeverij Vleugels, 2023). The above photo was taken at the window gallery/studio of fimm makers Frederieke Jochems and Andras Hamelberg just after the concert (from left to right: Fie Schouten, Rozalie Hirs, Katharina Gross; the photo was taken by Isa Klein; the visual work, exhibited in the window gallery, is by musician and visual artist Maurice Horsthuis).

Date: 2023-09-17
Door time: 13:30 CET
Location: Muze van Zuid, Amsterdam (at a location near Sarphatipark; we gather at 12:30 CET at Het Groen Gemaal in Sarphatipark, entrance: Eerste Jan van der Heijdenstraat)