On 2 February 2016, 20:30 CET, at De Link, Tilburg, The Netherlands, the flautists Ilonka Kolthof and Marieke Franssen perform recitals on the piccolo and bass flute respectively. After the intermission Franssen presents Petit Aleph by Philippe Monoury, as well as world premieres of Invisible for bass flute and electronics (2016) by Rodrigo Faina and article 8 [infinity] for bass flute & electronic sounds (2016) by Rozalie Hirs.

Recital by Ilonka Kolthof (piccolo) and Anne Veinberg (piano)
Bart Spaan – Halo
Willem Boogman – Genieting VI
Vanessa Lann Beyon – ‘is’ and ‘is not’
Ned McGowan – Rickshaw Zip (2016) for piccolo and piano world premiere


Solo recital by Marieke Franssen (bass flute)
Philippe Manoury – Petit Aleph
Rodrigo Faina – Invisible for bass flute and electronics (2016) world premiere
Rozalie Hirs – article 8 [infinity] for bass flute and electronic sounds (2016) world premiere

The photograph shows Marieke Franssen playing bass flute with Duo Leeghwater.

Date: 2016-02-02
Time: 20:30 CET
Location: De Link, Het Cenakel, Cenakel 1, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Performers: Ilonka Kolthof (piccolo), Anne Veinberg (piano), Marieke Franssen (bass flute)