On 11 February 2016 at 20:30 at Constellation, Chicago, United States, Sonic Hedgehog plays the program Unexpected Consequences, consisting of works by Dufay, Wiek Hijmans, Erin Gee, Frederick Gifford, Jorrit Dijkstra, and Rozalie Hirs. Unexpected Consequences focuses on the intricacies and multiplicities of chamber music relationships and delves into the realm of what it means to collaborate in modern times. It is a tour de force through the realms of sonic possibilities of the three instruments (bass clarinet, flutes, and electric guitar), an exploration of sounds, ways of interacting, and the unexpected consequences that emerge. This powerhouse ensemble makes its debut appearance in North America with a program highlighting the unexpected synchronicity in music across time and location.

Sonic Hedgehog can be many trios: each different flute (Shanna Gutierrez, Chicago) changes the sound formation of the entire ensemble; same is true for each of the different clarinets (Fie Schouten, NL), including basset horn. The electric guitar (Wiek Hijmans, NL) is not only a guitar, but also an electronic interface, a midi instrument. In that sense the ensemble is also a wind duo with live electronics. Dedicated to uncovering new sound and sound combinations for their instruments, Sonic Hedgehog seeks to present concerts featuring works written expressly for the group as well as those with open form, theatrical elements, and improvisation.

Guillaume Dufay – Chansons for trio (transcribed for/by Sonic Hedgehog)
Wiek Hijmans – Songish (2015) for solo alto flute
Wiek Hijmans- To be honest (2015) for trio
Rozalie Hirs – article 8 [infinity] (2014) for flute and electronics
Fredrick Gifford – Adage of Spontaneity (2014) for trio
Jorrit Dijkstra – Veeg (2004) for flute and bass clarinet
Rozalie Hirs – Infinity Stairs (2014) for trio and electronic sounds
Erin Gee – Mouthpiece XXV (2015) for voice and trio

Date: 2016-02-11
Time: 20:30
Location: Constellation, 3111 N Western Ave, Chicago, United States
Performers: Shanna Gutierrez (flutes), Fie Schouten (bass clarinet), Wiek Hijmans (electric guitar), Erin Gee (voice)