On 9 May 2021 from 17:00-18:00 CET Patricia Werner Leanse presents a new episode of her radio show Radio Mona Lisa at Concertzender, the adventurous digital radio channel of the Netherlands. Part of the broadcast is Rozalie Hirs’ music composition article 7 [ways to climb a mountain] for bass clarinet and electronic sounds (2012), performed by Fie Schouten. The recording by Arjan van Asselt is part of Schouten’s solo CD Ladder of Escape, published by Attacca Productions. Click on the Concertzender-link to listen to the full programme. Happy listening!

Date: 2021-05-09
Time: 17:00 CET
Performer(s): Patricia Werner Leanse (host), Fie Schouten (bass clarinet), Rozalie Hirs (composer)
Location: Concertzender