Montevideo, Uruguay, 23 March 2019. Rozalie Hirs’ first full length poetry collection in Spanish ahora es una rosa (2019) has just come out. Diego Puls translated Hirs’ poems into Spanish. Publisher Gustavo Wojciechowski has designed the book appearing with Yauguru Books, Montevideo, Uruguay. The book contains an essay by Hirs on her poetics, translated by Puls. ISBN 978-9974-890-33-6. 48pp.

The new book is to be presented in two weeks, during the Mundial Poetico, Montevideo, Uruguay. On three evenings of the Festival (3-5 April 2019) Rozalie Hirs will read her poetry in Dutch, English, and Spanish, alongside poets from all over the world. With financial support of the Netherlands Foundation for Literature. With special thanks to Martín Barea Mattos.

Read a selection of the Spanish poems from ahora es una rosa (2019) here.