17 May 2023. adonis blue (2023) is a new string quartet composed by Rozalie Hirs, commissioned by the Ruysdael Quartet. The new work owes its title to the adonis blue, a butterfly species (Latin: Lysandra bellargus; English: Adonis blue; French: le Bel-Argus, l’Azuré bleu céleste, l’Argus bleu céleste, l’Argus bleu ciel; German: Himmelblauer Bläuling; Spanish: Niña celeste). It is a short (miniature) string quartet in a spectral idiom. It is Hirs’ fourth string quartet, following zenit (2010), nadir (with electronic sounds; 2014) and hand in hand (with soprano, 2020; poetry, music).

The Ruysdael Quartet celebrates its twenty-five anniversary this year! In honour of this, the Ruysdael Quartet commissioned twenty-five new compositions, with support of the Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds. The new string quartets are to be performed and recorded in 2023. More info to follow in the summer of 2023.